莫听穿林打叶声,何妨吟啸且徐行。竹杖芒鞋轻胜马,谁怕?一蓑烟雨任平生。 料峭春风吹酒醒,微冷,山头斜照却相迎。回首向来萧瑟处,归去。也无风雨也无晴。

The text generation video tool Genmo is currently available for free and does not require a graphics card.

Following Runway and Pika labs, a third AI tool for generating text-based videos called Genmo has emerged. It is a platform for creating and sharing interactive and immersive AI-generated art. Recently, they have launched a new feature for generating text-based videos, which is currently available for free.



  1. First, visit the official website and log in at the bottom left corner. Then, simply enter the prompt in the input box and click on generate.

  2. After the progress bar completes, you can preview the video. If you are satisfied, you can download it. If not, you can adjust the parameters and generate it again.

Genmo is an AI-powered video generation tool that utilizes natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning technologies to transform text into captivating videos. Here are the main features and advantages of Genmo:

Text-based video creation: Genmo can extract information from text and use advanced algorithms to transform it into videos. This means that whether it's for marketing, educational materials, or any other content that requires visual expression, Genmo can create engaging videos based on textual descriptions.

Highly customizable: Genmo provides a wide range of options that allow you to customize various aspects of the video, including background color, character style, and music. You can create unique video content according to your needs and style.

Adaptable to multiple platforms: Genmo can generate high-quality videos suitable for publishing on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Whether it's for marketing or promotion on any platform, Genmo can meet your needs.

Versatile application: Genmo provides solutions that meet various needs, whether it's for marketing activities, educational materials, or any other scenario that requires video assistance. It can help quickly and effectively create high-quality video content from text.

Genmo has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: companies or organizations seeking to reduce video production costs, educators and trainers needing visually appealing educational materials, and content creators looking for a fast and efficient way to create videos from text.

In summary, Genmo offers a powerful solution for individuals and organizations who want to create captivating videos from text in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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