Being towards death

Heed not to the tree-rustling and leaf-lashing rain, Why not stroll along, whistle and sing under its rein. Lighter and better suited than horses are straw sandals and a bamboo staff, Who's afraid? A palm-leaf plaited cape provides enough to misty weather in life sustain. A thorny spring breeze sobers up the spirit, I feel a slight chill, The setting sun over the mountain offers greetings still. Looking back over the bleak passage survived, The return in time Shall not be affected by windswept rain or shine.

Free AI editing tool invideo, create professional-level videos!

Invideo AI is a video creation tool that can generate videos ranging from 15 seconds to 15 minutes in length based on the length of the text script. After generating the video, it also allows for post-editing, supporting changes in video formats, voiceovers, and more.

As a generative AI tool, Invideo AI was one of the first websites to offer text-to-video functionality. It provides users with various types of video generation services, including thousands of preset templates suitable for designing advertisements, short videos, and long videos.

Experience entrance: (VPN required)

Upon entering the official website via the link, you can choose to log in with a Google account or register with an email account.

After entering the homepage, the interface design is very clean, with a prominent dialog box at the top and templates and tutorials provided below.

Select Youtube Shorts for short videos, enter the content you want to generate, ensuring that the content is in English, and choose the audience, purpose, voiceover subtitles, etc.

① Click on Select workflow in the top right corner to choose the type of video you want to generate. The four options are:

Youtube shorts

Youtube explainer videos

Recent events video

Script to Video

Choose Youtube explainer videos here to start creating.

Then select the duration of the video you want to create.

There are two input boxes below, where the first box is for entering keywords related to the topic (currently only supports English), and the second box is for adding creative ideas and voice tones for voiceovers, etc. (optional).

Here are the provided keywords: How to become an expert in a particular field? Excellent entrepreneur interviews, professional

After completion, the video can be generated, with the original video automatically dubbed in English, which can later be changed to Chinese using editing software or other AI tools.

For export options, free users can only export up to 1080P resolution with a watermark.

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