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Open Application: Fully Autonomous AI Software Engineer Devin

In short:

Devin, the world's first AI software engineer, can write code, create websites, and software with just a prompt

AI tools are not meant to replace human engineers but to assist them and make their work easier

Devin has successfully passed the engineering interview at a leading AI company

Apply to use Devin AI

To try Devin AI, you need to submit a form to the official website of Cognition Labs:

However, applications are currently in the waiting list

Why Devin

Devin stands out for its remarkable ability to anticipate and plan complex tasks.

It can make thousands of decisions, learn from mistakes, and become better over time.

Additionally, it has all the tools needed by human engineers, such as code editors and browsers.

Devin is considered the most advanced or cutting-edge solution for software engineering tasks based on the SWE-bench coding benchmark evaluation.

Basically, it performs exceptionally well in tests for standard software engineering problems compared to other solutions. This AI tool excels in actual engineering interviews conducted by top AI companies. These interviews likely involve tasks and challenges related to artificial intelligence and software engineering fields, and this AI assistant meets expectations and in many ways surpasses human engineers.

More information:

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