Being towards death

Heed not to the tree-rustling and leaf-lashing rain, Why not stroll along, whistle and sing under its rein. Lighter and better suited than horses are straw sandals and a bamboo staff, Who's afraid? A palm-leaf plaited cape provides enough to misty weather in life sustain. A thorny spring breeze sobers up the spirit, I feel a slight chill, The setting sun over the mountain offers greetings still. Looking back over the bleak passage survived, The return in time Shall not be affected by windswept rain or shine.

Create a fixed IP RDP desktop for free on Google Cloud

Today I will teach everyone a method, to get a free Google Cloud RDP desktop.

First, log in to Google Cloud
Activate cloud shell in the top right corner

After successful activation, directly execute the following code

Click: Preview on the webpage

Now, you should be able to see the RDP desktop, OK, let's open the browser, the speed test surprisingly shows 1.5G!! Fake

installation is also okay, the IP is fixed.



  1. This desktop is valid for about 30-120 minutes; closing the shell window will disconnect the RDP desktop, but you can rebuild it by re-executing the docker command, if there is a port conflict, you can modify the command port like 8081;

  2. The RDP desktop IP for each account may not be in the same location, some are in the Netherlands, some are in the United States, I'm not sure why this is;

  3. Currently, GCP accounts are all usable for testing, you can keep creating containers endlessly, permanently getting it for free!

  4. There may be some latency, can be used as a backup.

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