Being towards death

Heed not to the tree-rustling and leaf-lashing rain, Why not stroll along, whistle and sing under its rein. Lighter and better suited than horses are straw sandals and a bamboo staff, Who's afraid? A palm-leaf plaited cape provides enough to misty weather in life sustain. A thorny spring breeze sobers up the spirit, I feel a slight chill, The setting sun over the mountain offers greetings still. Looking back over the bleak passage survived, The return in time Shall not be affected by windswept rain or shine.

Alibaba Motionshop: One-click AI automatic replacement of video character images

Motionshop Online Experience
Users can experience it on Modelscope.

• Experience Address:

• Project Homepage:

Experience Steps
• 1: Upload a video containing a complete character.

• 2: Select the character to be replaced in the video.

• 3: Select the virtual character model to be replaced and click generate, wait for about 10 minutes to generate the result.


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