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Essay.Art: Free AI Writing Correction Expert for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE

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Core Advantages
Ten years of teaching experience accumulation
The most important aspect of AI intelligent scoring is to be consistent with official scoring. To achieve this, we comprehensively indexed the official scoring criteria, prepared hundreds of practical essays and scores, and carefully processed every correction dimension of the essays to help artificial intelligence accurately score. All of this requires people who truly understand the field.

Advanced GPT4 algorithm support
Using the leading GPT4 artificial intelligence algorithm support, with unparalleled reasoning and learning abilities, to help candidates achieve scores that align with official standards and provide detailed revision guidance.

3-minute correction
It may take a day or even longer for a teacher to help you correct an essay, but Essay.Art's AI writing correction only takes 3 minutes, truly achieving timely feedback. With timely feedback and revision suggestions, the value of practice can be improved.

Not only scoring, but also guidance
In addition to rigorous scoring, Essay.Art's writing correction report also provides vocabulary and grammar error annotations, writing task comments, coherence and cohesion comments, vocabulary richness, grammar diversity and accuracy comments, as well as improvement suggestions, and provides high-scoring essay references.

Continuous iteration
Official exam standards will continue to change, and we keep up with them as we are on the front line of teaching. Taking TOEFL as an example, there have been significant reforms in TOEFL writing in 2023, and Essay.Art's TOEFL correction is based on the requirements of the latest reforms.

In addition to directly copying and pasting essays for correction, you can also upload essay photos for maximum usability.

Free to use
Essay.Art's IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE writing correction services currently have no plans to charge fees. All users can use it for free three times a day, and adding customer service WeChat can unlock six usage opportunities every day for free.

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